FAQs - Questions and Answers about me and my electric guitars

Who is Musil-Guitars ?


Musil-Guitars is a one man company from Austria. Owner, creative head and guitarbuilder  I am, Jürgen Musil. Since 2017 I design and produce custom electric guitars in my working area in Austria (Lower Austria). My wife Roswitha Musil supports me in Marketing and Back Office.


The Vision Deluxe is "handcrafted in Europe" where exactly are these guitars produced?


The Vision-Deluxe was our first guitar series. The guitars were planed and designed by me. Together with a renowned guitar manufactur in Czech Republic the Vision Deluxe was produced as a limited edition. Since 2017 all Guitars will produced in Austria.


Are you accepts custom requests on your Custom Guitars?


Yes I do. You can choose about different models and can choose between different specifications (tonewood, colour, brand hardware, pickups, scale, ...) everyone has the opportunity to create his guitar and makes it unique.  


Which tonewood do you use for your electric guitars?


I use various local, selected and sustainable tonewood for example Maple, Ash, Basswood, Alder....I also use special tonewoods like mahogany and others. But I don´t use tonewoods that are endangered according to CITES agreement.


Do you produce basses or left hand guitars?


No, in the moment I don´t produce basses or left hand guitars. 


How can I order a Musil Custom Guitar?


Download my offer/order form. Fill it with your specifications and send it back to me. Individual specifications can be discussed per mail. Changes in the offer phase are possible. After agreement of all points you have to complete your order with your signature. We will send you an order confirmation with the payment options. After we get the production rate of 50%, the production of your electric guitar will start. The balance is to pay when the guitar is finished and ready for shipping. During the production phase you will be informed by mail about the different production steps.


How much is a custom guitar?


The costs are calculated according to the selected specifications. The costs are calculated according to the selected specifications. The price includes: 3D drawing, ,machine hours, working time, tonewood, hardware (bridge, tuner, strap Locks, pickups, truss Rods, binding, Screws, Strings, electronics ..) Oils, Paints, Clear Coat, standard Packaging and Standard shipping.


Is an order and shipment outside the EU and to the United States possible?? 


Yes of course. Every guitarist from all over the world is welcome to order. I offer international shipping. For detailed information about the shipping cost, please contact us.



If you have more questions, please contact us we are answer all open questions.