the following artists and bands, and many other musicans, acquired a true companion and a versatile instrument...

Oliver Seebacher live on stage Musil Vision Deluxe

VINEGAR HILL (Oliver Seebacher)
The Austrian Death Metal Band Vinegar Hill made a good name in Austrian Metal Scene. Their music deligts with grandiose guitar riffs and ingenious melodic parts.  With their new Album "Ghost Flowers" they were on Tour  together  with Dark Tranquillity. And  our Vision Deluxe Tremolo provide the perfect sound on the big stages.

Vinegar Hill Death Metal Band Austria
Vinegar Hill Ghost Flowers

Karoly Alapi Musican Belgium


Karoly is a young, great guitarist from Belgium who likes to play the deep tuned sounds on the guitar. His Finger technique is amazing. He shows his skills on his Youtube Channel, Facebook & Co. He is professional musican and makes different projects with other creative musicans. We looking forward about his new projects and performances with his Vision Deluxe Black Burst.




Karoly Alapi live on stage Musil Vision Deluxe
Karoly Alapi All But One

MattRach Musican France


Matt is a very passionate and versatile guitarist from France, with great technical ability and understanding, which are reflected at all times in his performances. His Coversongs have been interpreted in his own style. Thus he breathe new life into the songs and leave his unmistakeable handwriting. Just in time for the recording of his new  Album "OVNI" he received his Vision Deluxe Black Cherry, which has exactly the sound he was looking for.

MattRach Vision Deluxe Guitar
MattRach Album Ovni

Leo Morrachioli Musil Vision Deluxe Guitar


Leo is a creative musican and producer from Norway. He is famous for his Metal Covers which he produce in his own studio it calls "Frog Leap Studios" he is very successfull with his music shows and have 2 Mio Follower on his Youtube Channel. His sounds are always perfect, with the Vision Deluxe Black Burst he has an another versatile instrument for his performances. 

Jared Dines Musil Vision Deluxe Guitar


Jared is a creative musician and lives in USA. He is guitarist, vocalist and drummer and finds himself in the genre "All things Metal / Metalcore". On tour he is with his band Rest Repose. Jared is a very successful Youtuber and likes to make riff battles with different famous stars