Who is Musil-Guitars ?


Musil-Guitars is a one man company from Austria founder and owner is me Jürgen Musil. 

My wife Roswitha Musil supports me in marketing,  answers your inquiries and takes care of the shipping.

Together we are Musil Guitars. Since 2018 our  first Guitar Series is produced  in our own working area in Austria (Lower Austria).

The guitars will be designed by us and will produced accordingly to our ideas.  

Good quality is very important for us, therefore our guitars will produced from select and local tonewood.  For the perfect sound the guitars will equipped with brand pickups and brand hardware. Each guitar will be unique. More informations about our custom guitars coming soon.


 The Vision Deluxe is "handcrafted in Europe" where exactly are these guitars produced?


The Vision-Deluxe series was our first guitar series. The guitars are planned and designed from Jürgen Musil before they gone into production.

They were handmade produced in Czech Republic. The production company has been active in guitarsbuilding since 1960.

There work guitar builder and guitar masters who understand their craft very well. 


Do you accept customers requirements for your Custom Guitars?


Yes, we accept customer requests and manufacture our guitars according to customer requirements, as far as it is possible for us. 

You can choose of  specifications: wood, colours and pickups.


Are you build guitars, where the body and neck are design from customers?


No. we  build only guitars designed by us Musil-Guitars.


Which tonewood do you use  for your guitars?


We use various local, selected and sustainable tonewood. for ecsample Maple, Ash, basewood, alder....


This tonewoods are not listing in the categories of the Washingtoner CITES agreement.


Do you also produce basses or left hand guitars?


In the moment we don´t produce basses or left hand guitars. 

But in the future we would like to expand our assortment with these instruments .


Where can I find informations and sound samples about your guitars?


We regularly receive videos and sound demos from our artists, check it out on our Facebook page  and Instagram there we regularly keep inform about soundchecks, news and offers.


Where can I buy a Musil guitar ?


Our guitars are available in our online shop and in different Online Stores.

You can also send us an mail for an request. 


At Guitar Store Graz (Austria) you can test and buy the Vision Deluxe.


Is a shipment possible outside the EU and to the United States?


Yes, we have international shipping.

If you do not live in the EU, other price and taxes rules apply.

For detailed information, please contact us.




If you have more questions, please contact us we are answer all open questions.