WELCOME TO my GUITAR Manufacture


I, Jürgen Musil, am a passionate guitarbuilder. I am musican and have been playing electric guitar since I was a teenager. My desire is to produce guitars which correspond to my ideas. The last years I was intensively learning about designing and building electric guitars. Over the time the first ideas and designs emerged and soon the first prototypes were built. SInce 2017 I have opened my own workshop at Lunz am See / Lower Austria and then I produce individual electric guitars for musicans who are looking for a special instrument. It is often a small thing that makes an electric guitar special. So I offer my guitars to be ordered as custom guitars.

Handwork supported by modern technique

The first big step is to put an idea to a 3D drawing. Then I have to select the tonewood for the guitar. Wood is a great material, every piece of it is unique and carries its own story. To mill the drawings exactly like that, I work with a computer controlled CNC milling machine. With this technique I get perfect precision and can also implement special requests like custom inlays etc. The most work on guitar body and neck is carefully done by hand.

you can order a custom guitar with different specifications

My guitars are made according to customer preference. Selectable specifications are the model, the colour, wood type, scale, branded pickups and hardware, inlays and many more things. So every guitar is unique and special. Quality is very important for me therefor my electric guitars are build from local and sustainable tonewoods like Maple, Ash, Alder or Basswood. For the finish I use high quality colours, oils and paints. These incredients make the guitar smooth and gives her excellent playability. Ideal for live performer and active guitarists. As a guitarbuilder I have many creative ideas and sometimes it is possible to purchase a special electric guitar in my online-shop.

Electric Guitar Stryker and Vision Deluxe